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Below is a list of selected case results obtained on cases where Lakeland Personal Injury Attorney Christopher D. Russo has worked on either individually or as part of a team in conjunction with previous employers.


Construction Defect Serious Injury

A seven figure recovery was made on behalf of a client severely injured by a construction defect.  2021


Fingertip Amputation On Amusement Ride

A child was injured on an amusement ride resulting in a partial degloving injury and fingertip amputation.  The case was disputed by the ride operator who said that there was nothing dangerous about the ride.  The injury occurred in a space where there was at least a 3/8″ gap between moving surfaces.  That gap should have been no larger than 1/8″.  December 2017.


Medical Malpractice Brain Surgery

A neurosurgeon allegedly biopsied normal brain tissue from a patient instead of the suspected tumor causing alleged permanent brain injury to the patient.  2023


Car Accident – Revision To Previously Operated On L5-S1

A car accident involving a commercial vehicle resulted in the need to revise a previously operated on L5-S1.  The injured plaintiff previously had a discectomy performed at that level which was seriously aggravated in the accident.  Liability was clear and a pre-suit settlement was reached.  June 2017.


Head-On Collision Knee Surgery

An 18-year-old driver required knee surgery and hardware after another driver crossed the median, hitting him head-on.  The collision completely destroyed the vehicle and our client had to be cut out of the vehicle.  The settlement proceeds came from several insurance policies, some of which had to be divided among other people who were injured in the accident in Highlands County.  May 2017.


Trip and Fall on Broken Sidewalk – Hip Fracture

An elderly woman tripped and fell on a sidewalk at a doctor’s office fracturing her hip.  Prior to the incident, the doctor’s office had attempted to make a repair to the sidewalk by filling a gap with concrete.  This repair was improperly done causing the cement to crack into loose pieces, thereby creating a hazard.  The woman tripped or slipped on the different pieces of cement that were 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick.  March 2017.


Medical Malpractice -Persistent Vegetative State

A woman in her late twenties was taken by ambulance to an emergency room with symptoms of headaches, weakness, confusion, and dizziness (classic signs of a stroke). The hospital performed a brain CT that ruled out a hemorrhagic stroke but not an ischemic stroke. She was not timely treated for ischemic stroke resulting in a persistent vegetative state.


Motor Vehicle Accident

A motor vehicle accident was settled for over $8 million.


Medical Malpractice – Paralysis Waist Down

A man was taken by ambulance to an ER with leg weakness and numbness. The ER physician failed to make orders for an MRI and neurological consultation STAT or urgent. After transfer, the patient experienced further neurological deterioration and surgery was performed too late to save the patient from permanent paralysis below the waist.


Motorcycle Accident

A man and his significant other were seriously injured when they were struck by a car making a left turn at night. The case involved a significant reduction of a health insurance lien in addition recovery of policy limits from the at-fault driver and owner.


Truck Accident – Semi-Truck Accident

A truck driver stopped to assist another driver with a flat tire. The truck driver was killed as a result of a glancing type impact from another semi-truck as he was getting back in the cab of his semi-truck. The company that owned the semi-truck claimed that the other truck was illegally parked along side the road even though he was assisting another trucker. A significant six-figure recovery was obtained for the survivors.


Car Accident – Leg Amputation

A driver suffered an injury to his leg resulting in amputation from an accident.  The accident was caused when a truck making a right hand turn caused another driver to veer toward the driver’s lane.


Car Accident – Jaw Fracture – Liability and UM from the Same Policy

A teenager suffered a severe jaw fracture requiring reconstructive surgery as a result of a severe collision at an intersection. The teenager was a passenger. Both drivers in the collision shared some degree of comparative fault for the collision. Policy limits were offered by both insurance companies to resolve the matter. Notwithstanding the offer of policy limits, additional funds were available in the form of uninsured motorist’s coverage from the policy covering the vehicle that the teenager was riding in as a passenger. A lawsuit was filed and the insurance company conceded the UM coverage due under the policy because UM coverage and liability coverage on the same policy can be paid in some circumstances when there is comparative fault.


Car Accident – Ankle Fracture – Excess Underinsured Motorist Coverage

A man suffered a severe ankle fracture as a result of a car accident while pulling a boat trailer. He was a passenger in a vehicle when it was struck by another vehicle that ran a red light. Three separate insurance policies were involved. A recovery for collective policy limits was obtained.


Six-Figure Recovery Car Accident – Neck Surgery

A woman was rear-ended in a car accident and was required to undergo neck surgery. During the recovery, she suffered a dangerous blood clot resulting in a lengthy hospital stay and continued use of blood thinning medication. A six-figure recovery was made for the client.


Six-Figure Recovery Car Accident – Rotator Cuff Surgery

A man was rear-ended suffering back and shoulder injuries. Upon receiving medical treatment and an MRI, a rotator cuff tear was diagnosed requiring surgery. A six-figure recovery was obtained on behalf of the client.


Six-Figure Recovery Car Accident – TMJ Surgery

A woman was rear-ended suffering whiplash and swelling to her neck. Upon receiving medical treatment, a TMJ disorder was discovered requiring surgery. A six-figure recovery was obtained on behalf of the client.


Six-Figure Recovery Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A woman was involved in a severe car accident. She struck her head on the headrest in the vehicle resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury. A six-figure recovery was made on her behalf.


Six-Figure Recovery Car Accident – Knee Surgery

A man suffered a knee injury in a severe car accident requiring surgery. The man was injured as his foot was on the brake pedal causing an unnatural force through his knee. A six-figure recovery was made on behalf of the client.


Six-Figure Recovery Medical Malpractice – Failure to Recognize Pulmonary Embolus –Wrongful Death

A 32 year old woman was suffering from classic symptoms of a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus when she sought care from her primary care physician. The physician failed to recognize the urgency of her condition and sent her home instead of to a hospital emergency department for urgent care. Shortly after sent home by the physician, she died of the pulmonary embolus. A settlement was reached with the physician and the clinic where the physician was employed.


Medical Malpractice – Improper Titration of Medication – Wrongful Death

A 21-year-old man on anti-epiletic medication died as a result of being improperly titrated from one medication to another, leaving him essentially without a therapeutic dose of medication to prevent seizures. The transition of medication was performed by a physician assistant without adequate supervision from the physician signing to authorize the prescription. A settlement was reached for policy limits with the prescribing physician for the employee’s conduct.


Homeowner Negligence – Tree Felling Accident

A man suffered eight broken vertebrae when a tree fell as he was assisting his neighbor. The neighbor was legally liable for giving instruction and directing where cuts were to be made. More than one insurance policy was implicated by this incident. A settlement for policy limits was reached.


Hunting Accident – Joint Venture Liability – Wrongful Death

A man was shot while hunting and was survived by his wife and adult children. The shooter was sued on a theory of joint venture to reach the deep pockets of the hunting club. The shooter owned mineral rights on property that was contributed to the club for purposes of obtaining membership. Full policy limits of the shooter and the club were obtained.


Six-Figure Jury Verdict Golf Cart Accident

A man suffered a tibial plateau fracture in a golf cart rollover accident. The injury required surgery and permanent metal hardware. This case went to trial with Mr. Russo as lead counsel and obtained a six-figure verdict from the jury in Polk County, Florida.


Six-Figure Recovery Head on Collision

A woman and her daughter were severely injured when another driver crossed the center line in a no passing zone. The other driver did not survive. The child suffered an orbital injury and a mild traumatic brain injury among other physical injuries requiring significant medical treatment and hospitalization. A six-figure policy limits settlement was reached on her behalf.


Six-Figure Recovery Car Accident

A six-figure recovery was obtained for a woman involved in a car accident resulting in a neck injury and subsequent surgery.


Car Accident with Injuries to Children

A mother was involved in a serious car accident with her children in the car. The children suffered a range of injuries ranging from moderate to severe. In consideration of the value of the injuries as a whole, a policy limits settlement for $300,000.00 was reached with the insurance company.


Six-Figure Recovery Parking Lot Accident

A woman was involved in a parking lot collision that resulted in an unusually painful neck injury requiring surgery. Even though the collision was of a low speed nature, the forces of the collision were at an angle and likely caused the condition complained of. Two insurance policies were implicated in this case. A settlement for policy limits was reached with both companies totaling $110,000.00.


Car Accident with Discharged Attorney Lien

A man was involved in a car accident resulting in back pain that caused him to lose his job. The man had retained an attorney in Tampa to represent him and the highest offer received was $25,000.00. The attorney recommended to the client that he accept the offer and the client fired him. After getting involved with this case, Mr. Russo was able to obtain a settlement for $125,000.00. Despite this, the previous attorney claimed a lien against the recovery which was resolved for a reduced amount in litigation.


Six-Figure Recovery High Speed Collision in Classic Car

A man driving a restored classic car was rear-ended on an interstate at highway speed. The man had to be cut free from the vehicle with the jaws of life. He suffered an injury to his low back requiring surgery. A six-figure recovery was made on his behalf.


Car Accident – Partially Severed Spinal Cord

October 2019.  A six-figure recovery was obtained for a car accident resulting in a partially severed spinal cord at the base of the skull.  This injury is similar to the type of injury that was fatal to Dale Earnhardt.  Liability was disputed by the insurance company but policy limits were paid in response to a demand letter and the threat of litigation.

Please note that this list of cases is not an exhaustive list of all cases worked on by Lakeland personal injury attorney Chris Russo. The results listed were based on facts and circumstances unique to each case. The facts and circumstances of every case are different and the results in your case may not be the same or similar.

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