In this article, you can discover:

  • The most common questions asked about personal injury claims in Florida.
  • How to start the personal injury claim process.
  • Common tactics insurance companies use to get out of paying.
Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Florida

What Are Some Of The Most Common Questions Asked If Someone Believes They May File A Personal Injury Claim In Florida?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’ll understandably have questions just as any reasonable person would. Common questions that I encounter in my practice include the following:

  • Do I have a good case?
  • How are my medical bills going to be paid?
  • How do you, as the attorney, get paid?
  • Will I still owe money after my settlement?
  • And more…

Questions after an accident are normal, and you shouldn’t have to feel left in the dark about what comes next. Scheduling a consultation is the best way to get the clarity you need to start building a path toward the future you deserve.

How Do I Begin The Personal Injury Claim Process After An Accident With Serious Injuries In Florida?

The first step in your personal injury claim process is hiring an attorney. Your attorney will do the following:

  • Contact the appropriate insurance companies
  • Get the results of a law enforcement investigation
  • Seek evidence where applicable
  • Put you in contact with doctors who are willing to help with your case
  • And more…

What Are Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Deny Or Limit Personal Injury Claims?

It has been said many times that insurance companies deny, delay, and defend. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what each of these tactics might look like in a personal injury case…

Insurance Tactic #1: Deny

When we talk about “denial”, we’re not always talking about insurance companies denying liability for the claim altogether. While this does happen, it’s just as common for an insurance company to admit that their insured was responsible for an accident, but that you were not actually injured or damaged as a result.

In fact, insurance companies routinely claim that any injury you have is not permanent, has already healed, is not as severe as you claim it to be, or is entirely fabricated. It’s in situations like this where having an attorney on your side is vital to prove the validity and value of your case.

Insurance Tactic #2: Delay

Insurance companies also know they can frustrate claimants by delaying payment or the process. They do this to wear the claimant down to the point where they have less desire to fight.

Eventually, people get so exhausted waiting that they accept lowball settlement offers, or let their claim disappear completely. This is just one reason why so many people choose to work with an attorney – so that you can rely on a professional who will work tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Tactic #3: Defend

Insurance companies are professional litigation businesses with large amounts of time, money, and resources to defend lawsuits brought by plaintiffs. They are required by their contracts with their insureds to provide a defense as long as policy limits are available to pay.

As a result, you need an attorney who can help you to level the playing field. Filing a lawsuit on your own can be done with insurance involved, but it is often not practical. When an insurance company isn’t prepared to properly value your claim without a fight, you need an experienced attorney to come in and hold them to account.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Get A Reasonable Settlement Offer From The Insurance Company?

If you cannot get a reasonable offer to settle your case, you have no choice but to sue. Insurance companies are professional litigation firms that make money by taking in premiums while minimizing what they have to pay. Therefore, an insurance company is much more likely to make a fair offer when facing a credible threat of litigation.

How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim Or Lawsuit In Florida?

The amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit is called the Statute of Limitations. Florida used to have a 4-year statute of limitations for negligence cases which changed on March 24, 2023. Today, the statute of limitations for negligence cases in Florida is now officially only two years.

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