Getting On The Road To Recovery - Lakeland, FL Trucking & Auto Wreck Injury Claims: Understanding The Basics Of The Process

When a trucking accident occurs, most people quickly realize they are hurt and start reaching out to lawyers for guidance. In fact, many of my personal injury clients have already sought medical care, either through an emergency room or an urgent care center, before seeking legal representation.

After getting medical attention, the next truly pivotal moment in a personal injury case lies in the process of finding the right lawyer to advocate for you. They will step in and fill in the gaps where having only a basic knowledge of trucking or auto wreck injury claims can hinder your success.

Once you’ve engaged an attorney, the next steps involve follow-up medical care and specialty visits to address your injuries. Your lawyer will also initiate contact with the relevant insurance companies on your behalf.

After you’ve completed your medical treatment, your attorney will compile a demand letter, including all your medical records and bills related to the accident. Once this demand letter is sent, it’s reasonable to expect that the insurance company will respond with an offer within approximately 30 days.

At this point, it’s important to note that most personal injury cases often take a considerable amount of time to resolve. In fact, it may require several rounds of negotiation involving offers and counteroffers before reaching a settlement agreement – and in some cases, litigation may become necessary.

What You Need To Know About Dealing With Insurance Companies

After you’ve filed a personal injury claim, the insurance company will conduct an investigation into your case. They will explore potential coverage defenses, with the aim of minimizing or even denying compensation for your case if possible.

Remember, you are not obligated to communicate directly with the other party’s insurance company with the exception of providing your name and social security number for Medicare reporting (a process that we can handle on your behalf). But while there are instances where providing a statement might be beneficial, it’s best to have an attorney evaluate whether doing so will align with your best interests.

What’s more, engaging an attorney shortly after the accident can provide you with timely advice on what steps to take in the early stages of your claim. This can be crucial in certain cases, as insurance companies rely heavily on medical records – and if your medical records do not document specific complaints of pain early on, the insurance company may dispute that your injuries ever existed at all.

The Importance Of Getting Comprehensive Medical Care – And Keeping Up With It

Going without an attorney can cause you to damage your claim simply because you don’t know any better. For example, if your primary care doctor schedules your first appointment for three weeks after the accident, you may risk forfeiting certain medical benefits under your policy, as it’s typically required to seek medical attention within the first 14 days after the accident. Once these details are established in your case, changing them can be challenging or impossible.

Once you do receive medical attention, it’s essential to adhere to your doctor’s recommendations as closely as possible and attend all scheduled appointments. Remember, delays or gaps in medical care can adversely affect the value of your case. Without documented evidence of ongoing treatment in your medical records, the opposing insurance company may argue that it never occurred.

In some cases, the only document you need to collect is the police report. Your attorney can handle the rest. However, in situations where liability is unclear, you might be required to visit the accident scene for photographs or provide contact information for witnesses to interview. When you initially meet with an attorney, share all relevant information related to the case. If additional information becomes necessary, they should communicate anything further they require and work with you as necessary.

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