Car Accident At US98 And Ernest Smith Blvd. In Bartow Second Day In A Row

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Several cars were involved in an accident at US98 and Ernest Smith Boulevard in Bartow, Florida.  Accident photos are shown in The Ledger and on Twitter.  This is the second day in a row that a major car accident has occurred at this intersection.

Traffic Light On High Speed Roadway Is The Issue

At the intersection where this incident occurred, US98 is three lanes in each direction plus a turn lane (going southbound).  The speed limit along this road is 60 mph, although drivers are known to go faster.  I personally drive through this intersection several times per week and I catch the light approximately 50% of the time.  The problem with this light is having to come to a stop from highway speeds.  The same type of accidents have been seen at the traffic light at the elementary school just a few miles north of this intersection.

Regardless Of Design Considerations, Stopping Is Required

With highway engineering and design aside, the overwhelming majority of cars and trucks do stop for these red lights without any problem.  In order to do so, drivers have to be aware of their surroundings and have to be aware of how much time and space they have to stop.  Some drivers will realize that they have made a mistake and will try to change lanes to avoid stopping at a red light.  When this happens, it is frequently a sudden move, and when it results in a collision, is an improper lane change under Florida law.

If too many accidents occur at these intersections, governments can become compelled to lower the speed limit on the entire highway.  Doing that slows down the flow of traffic, causes congestion, and other issues.  Most of us would probably like to avoid lowering the speed limit if at all possible.

Talk To A Lakeland Car Accident Attorney About Your Case

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March 02, 2017