Bartow Car Accident On US98 At Ernest Smith Blvd.

Car Accidents

A major car accident was reported in Bartow, Florida at the intersection of US98 and Ernest Smith Boulevard.  From the Twitter photos, the damage is very severe.  Fortunately, The Ledger reported that there were no serious or life-threatening injuries.  Details of how this accident occurred have not been released.

Non-Life Threatening Injuries Are Often Life-Changing

From the severity of the damage to the vehicles in the photographs, the people involved in this accident are lucky to be alive and lucky to not have life-threatening injuries.  However, a life changing injury does not need to be life threatening.

Many of us take our health for granted in the sense that we don’t usually think much about what life with an injury is like.  This is part of the challenge of being a personal injury attorney.  Quite frankly, the injuries in many personal injury cases are not exciting to hear about.  Take someone with a low back injury for example.  When a person has a low back injury, that person can still walk, talk, and move around like most people can.  However, they probably do it slower than most people and they can’t do it for as long as most people can.  Then, it hurts to sit, stand, or do just about anything.

You won’t see any thrilling legal novels out there on the courtroom drama of a low back injury.  There are no cliff hangers about what a fuzzy lumbar MRI shows.  And the testimony from the doctors is about as dry as it gets.  The injury is real to the person who experiences it but getting six people that you don’t know to care about your injury can be a challenge.

Talk To A Lakeland Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case

If you have been injured in a Lakeland car accident, you should contact a Lakeland car accident attorney for a free consultation to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case.  Each case is different and each injury from the same accident may be different as well.


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March 01, 2017