Metal Recycling Truck Accident on I-75

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A semi-truck carrying metal for recycling was involved in an accident on I-75 in Hillsborough County near Fowler Avenue on January 4, 2017.  The truck was traveling on I-75 when the driver lost control and fell off the bridge onto Fowler Avenue.  The truck was carrying metal chunks for recycling.  A small amount of diesel fuel spilled onto the roadway.  No other vehicles were mentioned to have been involved in this accident.  The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating.  It will be interesting to see what FHP determines was the cause of the crash.

Distracted Driving Is A Potential Cause

With no other vehicles mentioned as having been involved in this accident, distracted driving may have been the cause of this crash.  It is unusual for a semi-truck to fall off a bridge.  It is fortunate that no cars on Fowler Avenue were struck by the truck falling off the bridge.  The driver of the truck should have workers compensation and commercial PIP available to pay for medical treatment as a result of this accident.  If there was an unknown “phantom” vehicle that caused the truck to swerve and lose control, then the driver may have uninsured motorist’s coverage on top of workers compensation and commercial n0-fault benefits.  If the driver is able to make a UIM claim, there is a right of subrogation or reimbursement for commercial n0-fault benefits, however, workers compensation usually does not claim subrogation against an uninsured motorist policy.  A Tampa Bay accident attorney can help determine what insurance benefits apply to an accident such as this one as well as help you determine whether you are required to reimburse anyone from your settlement.

Workers Compensation Is A No-Fault System

In Florida, workers who are injured on the job are entitled to workers compensation benefits even if the injury or accident was their fault.  Workers compensation benefits are to be paid to the injured worker for medical expenses and lost time from work due to an injury suffered on the job without having to blame a third person for the accident.  If the worker has a permanent injury as a result of an accident on the job, that worker is entitled to a lump sum settlement to compensate for the permanent nature of the injury.

Call A Truck Accident Attorney To Talk About Your Case

If you or someone you know has been injured in accident with a semi-truck, you should contact a Tampa Bay truck accident attorney to discuss what you should do.  There may be insurance benefits that you are not aware of or have not been paid.  Call us to find out more.


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January 04, 2017