What Should I Bring To My Free Consultation?

Bring These Items To Your Free, No Obligation, Consultation With An Attorney

The free consultation with a personal injury or medical malpractice attorney is to provide answers to your questions on the spot.  If you bring as much information as you have to your consultation, you can usually get a pretty good picture from the attorney of what lies ahead.  Having more information with you means that you will have a more productive discussion with the attorney about your case.  While we can can get a lot of these items on our own, your attorney relies on the information that you bring for the consultation in accepting or rejecting your case.

If Your Case Is A Car Accident Or Personal Injury…

For personal injury and car accident cases, it is helpful if you can bring with you the following items to your free consultation:

  • Police Report or Incident Report
  • Photos of Accident Scene or Your Vehicle
  • Car Insurance Card
  • Driver’s License for notary signature
  • Any medical records you have
  • Any medical bills you have
  • Health Insurance Card (includes Medicare and medicaid)
  • Your automobile insurance policy (if you have it)

If Your Case Is Medical Malpractice…

  • Any medical records you have
  • Any medical bills you have
  • Any pictures you think are relevant
  • If you don’t have medical records or bills, you should be able to talk about the treatment received

If Your Case Is A Wrongful Death To A Family Member…

  • Death certificate with cause of death
  • Autopsy report (if one was done)

 For Slip And Fall Cases…

  • Photographs of the dangerous condition that caused your slip and fall
  • Exact location of the incident on the property
  • Pictures of shoes or clothing showing any transitory foreign substance that caused the incident

For Product Liability Cases…

  • Most of the time you will need to keep the dangerous product itself rather than return it to the retailer or manufacturer
  • Photographs of the product or part that caused injury

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December 31, 2016