Accident Sends Car Into Pond

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An accident near Waterford Lakes sent one vehicle into a retention pond. Two people were rescued from that vehicle shown in the photograph below. The other vehicle went into a ditch. Specific details about the accident are not clear. Emergency calls regarding the accident were received at approximately 2:30 a.m.

The front end damage to this vehicle reveals a severe impact. With crash damage as severe as this, there is a strong likelihood of some type of injury resulting from the accident. The other vehicle was not shown and we are unable to determine how this accident happened. Just because there is front end damage to this vehicle does not mean that this vehicle is the one who’s actions caused the accident. This vehicle is a total loss due to the crash damage and the flooding damage. I would assume that the other vehicle involved in this accident is a total loss as well. Minimum financial requirements for property damage can be found in section 324.022, Florida Statutes and for bodily injury in section 324.023, Florida Statutes.

There is a lot of traffic at all hours of the day in the area where this accident occurred. Any number of things could be a cause or contributing factor to this accident.

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UPDATE New information regarding this accident revealed that the driver of the vehicle in the image was intoxicated and struck the other vehicle.

August 16, 2016