Bicycle Rider Dies From Car Accident US92 And Reynolds Road

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The Ledger reports that 72-year-old James E. Haltiner died as a result of accident related injuries. Haltiner was on a mountain bike and was struck on the right shoulder of U.S. Highway 92 near Reynolds Road. The impact occurred on a bridge where there was very little to no shoulder. The driver who hit him was Austin Regnier of Winter Haven. Regnier was driving a 2003 Chevrolet Blazer eastbound. The report indicates that there was no rear light on the bicycle.

Should The Driver Have Seen The Bicyclist?

What is not mentioned by the report in The Ledger is whether the bicycle had reflectors on it. While it is possible that someone could have removed the reflectors on the bicycle, it is likely that there was a least one functioning reflector that could have and should have warned the driver of a car that a bicycle is present. This issue could easily be settled with a photograph of the bicycle. If a reflector was present, even though Florida law requires a front and rear light while riding at night, the driver of the car should have been able to see something and should have taken some action to avoid a collision. These are the basic rules of the road. We all must share the road.

Possibility Of Distracted Driving

There is no indication in the report that the driver was distracted, but that possibility must be considered as headlights capable of shining 200-300 feet in front of a vehicle should be able to provide enough warning to avoid even a completely unmarked bicycle as the bicyclist’s body is likely visible as well from that distance. There is no indication of fog or other visibility reduction conditions.

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May 22, 2016