DUI Driver Crosses Over Center Line

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A DUI driver heading west on Hillsborough Avenue crossed over the center line and into the eastbound lanes causing a serious accident. After crossing over, Yadixa Rodriguez struck a traffic light and another car as seen in the photograph below. Rodriguez is facing DUI charges with property damage as a result of this crash. It also reported that Rodriguez “struck” a Good Samaritan after the accident.

Injury Claims After A Car Accident

While no immediate injuries were reported, an injury to a person’s soft tissues will frequently begin to show symptoms between one to three days after an accident. These injuries, while regarded by some as insignificant, will often cause real discomfort and limitation in someone’s daily life.

While it is true that there are professional athletes on TV that can taken a beating and keep on playing, those of us who work desk jobs and have families cannot spend 5 hours at the gym everyday just to keep ourselves in tip top shape for whenever an accident occurs. If you had plans for the next day, particularly something that included a lot of walking, a soft tissue injury can make it uncomfortable even if it does not totally prevent you from doing. Again, those of us who work 40 hours per week and take care of families before and after work have to treasure every moment of weekend and leisure time.

Any type of an injury that results from a DUI crash is unacceptable and is compensable under Florida law. In addition to compensatory damages, Florida law also permits punitive damages against a DUI driver. Section 768.736, Florida Statutes, specifically excludes DUI accidents from punitive damage caps and the “clear and convincing” standard of evidence.

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August 13, 2016