Ford Recall Due to Faulty Seat Belt Pretensioner

Product Liability

Ford issued a safety recall of Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ because a seat belt anchor pretensioner cable can separate and will not adequately restrain a person in a crash.  Over 650,000 2013-2016 Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZ’s have front seat belt anchor pretensioners that can generate heat from use that causes the pretensioner cable to separate an fail.  Ford reports that it is aware of two accidents in which the seat belt pretensioner failed.  Ford is fixing this problem by injecting a conformal coating into the pretensioner to protect the cable from high temperatures.

When an accident happens, we expect that our vehicles have had their designs tested safe and manufactured according to specifications.  Despite all of the efforts that go into our vehicles, there are so many different moving parts that defects are very common to find.  With respect to this particular recall, there will likely be owners who find that they are too busy or not willing to be inconvenienced with a repair.

Hire a Product Liability Attorney with Experience

If you are injured in a car accident, you should seek the best lawyers that you can find to help you with your case.  The best attorneys do not necessarily have the most TV ads or billboards throughout the streets.  Instead, we believe that the best counsel that you can find is someone who has experience doing these types of cases and who is willing and able to spend the time with you on your case.  You also need someone who is going to invest the effort and creativity into actually helping you rather than just making money from your case.

With an accident involving an owner’s failure to allow a dealer to perform the recall work, you may have a claim against the person who caused the accident and the owner of the vehicle for causing an injury when recalled work had not been performed.  In Florida, there is a statute of repose that applies to motor vehicle product liability complaints of 12 years.  This means that owners of vehicles older than 12 years old (any occupants) cannot sue the manufacturer for design or manufacturing defects.

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If you have been injured in an accident where the seat belt failed resulting in a serious injury, please contact a Lakeland product liability attorney with Russo Law for a free case review.  If we accept your case, our work is done on a contingency, which means that you do not owe attorney fees or costs unless a financial recovery is made on your behalf.  It is our honor to review your case.




December 03, 2016