“Jackknifed” Semi-Truck on I-4 Exit

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A semi-truck jackknifed at the Interstate-4 Exit Ramp at County Road 557 (Old Grade Road) in Lake Alfred, Florida.

Drivers Repeat The Same Mistakes

I know this offramp quite well as I have driven it many times.  My remarks about this offramp are that there is a flashing warning signal to reduce speed to 25 mph before the ramp.  There have been a number of accidents at this intersection in both directions because of the steep curve to the ramp.  Many people simply are not used to slowing down to 25 mph from an interstate highway.  While FDOT is aware of the propensity for accidents to occur, there are no plans to modify the ramps, likely due to budget concerns.

Extra Caution Needed

For the time being, drivers must abide by and take seriously the warning signs saying to slow down to 25 mph on the ramp.  While a car might be able to get by doing 35 mph on the ramp, a semi-truck with a high center of mass would likely tip over or jackknife as in this case.

A semi-truck will jackknife when the rear wheels of the tractor fishtail.  As the tractor fishtails, the trailer keeps going in a straight line.  Before the driver is fully aware, the back end of the tractor has come around by being pushed by the trailer.  The only possible saving maneuver that can be make under such circumstances (aside from slowing down adequately in the first place) is to overcorrect on the steering wheel to make a straight path.  This is something many truck drivers are simply unwilling to do.  This accident occurred on August 12, 2016.

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August 24, 2016