Lake Wales Pedestrian Accident on SR60 November 2019

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November 11, 2019. Andrew Boyd passed away after being struck as a pedestrian on SR60 in Lake Wales, Florida. The Ledger reports that he was walking east on the white line approximately one mile east of Sam Keen Road when we was hit by a 2014 Dodge Outdoorsman driven by Sheri Harkins. The Ledger article indicates that Mr. Boyd was “wearing dark clothing” and that there was a lack of lighting on the roadway.

The Ledger also indicates that Harkins was changing lanes from the inside lane to the outside lane at the time of impact.

Legal Help For The Family

While The Ledger does not indicate which direction Mr. Boyd was walking on the white fog line at the edge of the road, it is unlikely that the direction would have mattered (pedestrians are supposed to walk against the flow of traffic) because the pickup truck was changing lanes. Based on the description of the accident in The Ledger, the lane change involved moving too far to the right regardless of the presence of a pedestrian.

This creates the argument for negligence under Florida law and the basis of a wrongful death claim. Under these circumstances, survivors under Florida’s wrongful death statute have the right to make various claims based on their relationship and other factors outlined in the statute.

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November 14, 2019