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A car accident on South Florida Avenue at West Alamo Drive in Lakeland, Florida results in injuries. The accident occurred at approximately 9:00 am. in front of 4355 S. Florida Avenue between a red Ford Expedition and a silver Hyundai Sonota. The Ledger reports the injuries as “minor.”

“Walking Away” From A Crash Is A Good Thing But Does Not Necessarily Mean You Are Not Hurt

Even though the label given The Ledger to the injuries was “minor,” this is a significant crash by the photograph. There is severe front quarter panel damage to the Hyundai. I am unable to tell whether the Ford Expedition’s airbag activated. Typically, a vehicle’s airbag threshold is somewhere around 8 mph to deploy in an accident. The Hyundai’s airbag (steering wheel) likely would not have deployed in an accident such as this because the impact was more to the side. Side curtain airbags would be more effective in this type of an accident.

From the photograph alone, it is difficult to speculate as to what might have happened to cause this accident. However, I can tell from being a Lakeland resident for many years that it appears that the Ford Explorer was traveling on Alamo Drive at the time of the accident. I am unable to discern whether the Hyundai was turning right from Alamo Drive or would have been going straight through on South Florida Avenue. This is not an intersection that has a high definition traffic camera for purposes of issuing citations. When such videos are available, they can provide amazing insight into who caused an accident and how severe the accident was.

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August 11, 2016