Little Tikes Toddler Swing Recall Due To Injuries

Product Liability

A recall of Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure toddler swings has been issued and posted on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website.  It is recall number 17-096 and involves 540,000 units sold.  To identify if your unit is part of the recall, model number 615573 will be molded into the back to the swing seat and there will be an arrow pointing to a date code.  Specifically, the arrow will point to date stamps 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 if your unit is part of the recall.  Additionally, a date code of 43 on the outer arrow is included in the recall.  Little Tikes sells the swing for $26.99 on their website.

The problem with the toddler swings is that the seats can crack or break, causing a risk of falling.  The CPSC advises to immediately stop using the recalled swings.  A credit against the purchase of another Little Tikes product is available upon contacting the manufacturer if you have a recalled toddler swing.  The phone number for Little Tike is included in the link “Source” at the bottom.

Reported Injuries From Defects

The CPSC reports that there have been 140 reports of broken swings and 39 injuries to children as a result.  The reported injuries include abrasions, bruises, cuts, bumps to the head, and two children with arm fractures.

As a personal injury attorney, the most concerning injury on the list is the bumps to the head.  When a toddler falls and bumps their head, it obviously hurts.  However, the hard part for parents is knowing when the bump is severe enough to take their child to the ER for a CT scan of the brain.  When there is a severe bump to the head, the possibility of a bleed or hemorrhage on the brain is a concern.  The fear is that the child has a bleed that will eventually cause brain damage or death if left untreated.  If a child has suffered a severe bump to the head from a fall, a parent with any doubt should take their child to the ER for a CT scan.

Strict Liability For Retailers

These toddler swings were sold at Walmart, Toys “R” Us, and other retailers including from November 2009 through May 2014.  What many people may not know about product liability cases is that there is a strict liability claim against the retailer in addition to the manufacturer for defective products.  This is frequently referred to as the “stream of commerce” theory is a product liability case.

Talk To A Lakeland Product Liability Attorney If You Think You Have A Case

If you think that you might have a product liability case, you should talk to a Lakeland product liability attorney to discuss whether your case has merit.  A consultation with an attorney is free.  If your case potential, we will let you know.  On the other hand, if your case is not likely to be payable, we will let you know that as well.


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February 24, 2017