Pickup Truck Accident With Trailer

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A pickup truck pulling a trailer on State Road 429 near mile marker 26 was involved in an accident. The trailer separated from the pickup truck and came to a stop approximately 50 feet away. The trailer involved was a utility type trailer that is often used to haul lawn equipment. There is front end damage to the pickup truck.

Florida Law Requires A Driver To Securely Fasten All Loads

The cause of this accident is not known, particularly whether another vehicle was involved. Regardless of who caused this crash, Florida law imposes a duty in section 316.525, Florida Statutes on the driver (or owner) of a trailer to adequately secure the load that is is carrying as below:

(1) It is the duty of every owner, licensee, and driver, severally, of any truck, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer to use such stanchions, standards, stays, supports, or other equipment, appliances, or contrivances, together with one or more lock chains, when lock chains are the most suitable means of fastening the load, or together with nylon strapping, when nylon strapping is the most suitable means of securing the load, so as to fasten the load securely to the vehicle.

Failure to do so can result in civil traffic infraction and may be the basis of liability for damage either to the roadway or to third parties for damages caused by an improperly secured load.

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August 18, 2016