Pickup with Boat Trailer Flips in Polk City

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The driver and passenger of a pickup truck that flipped while towing a boat are dead following a single vehicle collision in Polk City, Florida. The accident happened as the pickup was going through a turn on S.R. 33 near Steven Drive. The occupants of the truck were 25-year-old Michael Anthony Harrison and 32-year-old Randy Levi Gay. Both occupants were ejected from the vehicle. It is not clear who was driving.

Possible Over-Correction Of Steering Wheel

This accident presents unique circumstances. At first blush, one might assume that the accident happened because the truck, with a trailer in tow, was going too fast for the turn. However, S.R. 33 at that point is a very gradual turn that can easily be taken at the speed limit even with a trailer in tow. While I am speculating, the cause of this accident is more likely to be distracted driving than anything else. If the driver was not paying attention to the roadway, the driver could easily drift off onto the shoulder and then over-correct. An over-correction of steering input would then cause the trailer to suddenly sway and possibly flip the truck. With that being said, negligence is very likely the cause of this accident with the driver being responsible. I would assume that both occupants had a motor vehicle liability policy of some sort.

No Way To Know Who Was The Driver

As it is impossible to tell which occupant was driving under the circumstances, a possible outcome on these particular facts is that both insurance companies would pay the estate of the other occupant. The reason it would be smart for the insurance companies to handle it this was is because juries in two separate cases could easily make an inconsistent finding of who was the driver and the insurance companies are unable to defend without evidence or testimony to the contrary. Regardless, it is a tragedy when people this young die in an accident. My deepest sympathies go out to the families of these young men.

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June 21, 2016