Polk Parkway Accident Sept. 2019

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A car accident on the Polk Parkway on September 17, 2019 resulted in one fatality and five injuries as reported in The Ledger.

Facts Reported By The News

The accident involved Miguel Angel Mejia who was reported to have crossed over from the southbound lanes to the northbound side of the Polk Parkway near mile marker 20. Mejia was reported to have been driving a 2013 Isuzu truck.

The report indicates that Mejia’s truck struck a 2000 Toyota pickup truck driven by Thomas Bianchi and then struck a 2015 Ford Focus driven by Juan Marin. A passenger in Mejia’s vehicle (Terry Leonard) was reported to have passed away at the scene of the accident. A total of five people were taken to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center with injuries.

Legal Responsibility

In this particular accident, there is likely going to be legal liability on Mejia for crossing the center median. Assuming that there is not a defense that defeats liability, he would be responsible for injuries not only to the people in the other vehicles but also to his own passengers.

Those people all share in the same bodily injury liability insurance limits that may be available. The value of those liabilities may very well exceed the insurance limits and a “global” mediation or settlement conference may be in order from the insurance company.

Help From A Car Accident Attorney

This is where having a car accident attorney helps. The persons with the most serious injuries (Candido Gonzalez Hernandez, Eliceo Hernandez, and Juan Marin) are likely to have medical bills that may exceed the available insurance limits. Such claims are also odds with the wrongful death claim for Terry Leonard.

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September 18, 2019