Sand Truck Flips on Interstate-4 Exit CR557 in Lake Alfred

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A sand truck flipped over on the westbound exit of Interstate-4 at County Road 557 in Lake Alfred, Florida. This accident happened on August 23, 2016 early in the morning hours.

CR557 Has A Tight Turn Radius

This accident happened because the truck took the turn at too high of a speed. The exit ramp speed at this particular ramp is only 25 mph. Vehicles moving 70 mph or faster on Interstate-4 do not always appreciate the hazard of using this particular exit ramp. There is a flashing warning signal prior to going under the CR557 bridge telling drivers to slow down to 25 mph if exiting. An overhead image of this particular ramp shows up how severe the curve is and why it requires a slow down to 25 mph.


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November 03, 2016