Sikes Boulevard Car Accident in Lakeland

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A serious car accident occurred at 919 Sikes Boulevard in Lakeland, Florida. A pickup truck involved in this accident went off the roadway and struck a house.

Automobile vs. Homeowners Coverage, Who Will Pay?

No further information regarding this accident was reported. Notwithstanding, there is some very serious damage done to the white Ford Taurus. The injuries were described as non-life-threatening. From the crash damage, this accident happened with a significant amount of velocity. Therefore, we must assume that speed was a factor. The driver’s whose negligence caused this crash is going to be legally responsible to pay for both property damages and bodily injuries for those injured. There will be a property damage claim for the owner of the home and for the owner of the vehicle that was not at-fault for causing this accident. If the damage to the home exceeds the at-fault driver’s property damage limits on their automobile insurance policy, then homeowner’s insurance coverage may pick up the rest.

Contact A Lakeland Car Accident Attorney For Help With Your Case

If you suffered bodily injury or had property damaged as a result of a car accident in Lakeland, Florida, please contact a car accident attorney in Lakeland, Florida for a free consultation.


July 23, 2016