Three Car Accident on Edgewood Drive

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A three car accident occurred on near 1600 East Edgewood Drive in Lakeland, Florida and caused traffic jams. This location is near Edgewood Drive’s intersection with New Jersey Road. The picture below shows crash damage from the accident.

Emergency Medical Conditions In Florida After A Car Accident

While The Ledger reports that no serious injuries occurred in this accident, the definition of “serious” is contentious, particularly because of the visible front end damage to the car in the picture. This type of a front end damage should have triggered an airbag deployment and would have resulted in significant forces traveling through the bodies of the driver and passengers. While the people in the car may not be in danger of immediate death or serious injury from the accident, a trip to the doctor with back pain that will not go away can require x-rays to rule out a spinal fracture that, if left untreated, would result in serious injury. Florida’s no-fault law addresses this concern in section 627.736, Florida Statutes with the phrase “emergency medical condition” or EMC for short. The certification of an EMC under the no-fault law ensures payment of no-fault medical expenses up to $10,000 as opposed to only $2,500 without a finding of an EMC.

Contact A Lakeland Car Accident Attorney To Discuss Your Emergency Medical Condition

If you have been involved in a car accident in Lakeland, Florida, please contact a personal injury attorney in Lakeland, Florida for a free case review to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case under Florida law.


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October 29, 2016