Winter Haven Motorcycle Accident On Havendale

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A motorcyclist was seriously injured in Winter Haven on Havendale Boulevard from an accident. The Ledger has not presently reported the specific facts of the accident or why the motorcycle lost control and crashed. It was was, however, indicated that the motorcycle struck a concrete pole on the side of the roadway and that the driver was taken by helicopter.

Need To Know How Accident Happened

Even with very little information, you can tell that the driver was seriously injured. Forgetting about what is unknown, this motorcycle accident could have two possible components to it. First, it is possible that another driver caused the motorcycle to lose control. For instance, if another driver suddenly changed lanes in front of the motorcycle or make a sudden stop, the driver of the motorcycle could have been forced to take evasive action resulting in the impact with the concrete pole.

Impact With A Pole Is Devastating

Second, it is also possible that the concrete pole was inappropriately placed too close to the roadway in violation of codes and building regulations. This aspect of the case should at least be looked at as a possibility even if the chances of a violation are relatively low because there are reported cases where people have sued state and local governments because poles are placed too close to the roadway. Before you jump to a conclusion that there is no merit to a theory that a pole too close to the roadway is a hazard, please consider a situation where an accident occurs on the roadway (particularly one that is the fault of a third party as opposed to the driver who hits the pole) and the impact causes the car to go up on the sidewalk and into a pole. Under those circumstances, if the pole is at least a minimum distance away from the roadway, then the there is time for the car to use its brakes or steer away from the pole whereas if the pole is merely 3 feet away from the road, then that is likely not possible. When a car hits a pole, the impact is far more severe than hitting another moving vehicle on the road. Oftentimes, the pole slices through the car and the occupants in the car.

Seek Professional Legal Help From A Winter Haven Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a Winter Haven motorcycle accident, please contact Russo Law for a Winter Haven motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation and a discussion of the merits of your case. The facts and circumstances of every case are different. There is a value to having someone to review what happened with you and seeing if there is anything you can do.

May 29, 2016