Airplane Strikes Tree During Landing

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A Beechcraft King Air crashed in Apopka, Florida while attempting to land at Orlando-Apopka Airport on September 10, 2016. The plane struck its propeller on a tree just before the crash. Investigators said that wind turbulence cause the plane “to shift in the air.” After the crash, one engine caught on fire. The pilot was alone on board and only suffered minor injuries.

This aviation accident, despite the claim of wind turbulence, was the result of negligence by flying too low in the pattern. While we are glad to hear that the pilot did not suffer a serious injury, standard flight rules require a pilot to maintain 1500 ft in altitude prior to entering the pattern and final approach. Upon final approach, the airplane should descend at no more than 500 ft per minute and a flare maneuver is necessary just above the runway.

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October 28, 2016