Davenport Semi-Truck Accident December 2019

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One death and a serious injury was reported in The Ledger from an accident on US27 in Davenport, Florida on December 13, 2019. The Ledger reported that the semi-truck allegedly ran a stop sign entering the highway at the intersection with South Boulevard West. Other injuries reported were not life-threatening with secondary collisions with multiple vehicles.

Legal Help For Truck Accident Claimants

Considering that this collision appears to be caused by the negligence of a single semi-truck running a stop sign, a reasonable thing for the insurance company for the responsible truck would be to contact all of the injured parties, including the family of the deceased, and request a settlement conference to try to divide the policy limits. For a federal motor carrier (as many trucks are), the limits are often $1 million but are sometimes more depending on the size of the company involved.

With one serious injury and another who did not survive, the interested parties may not agree to split the policy limits if offered by the insurance company. At that point, the insurance company has a duty to minimize exposure to their insured (the driver and the trucking company that he works for) for excess claims. This may involve paying one claimant all of the policy limits, paying only some claimants, or paying something to all claimants. Whatever the insurance company does, its actions must only be considered reasonable to avoid bad faith.

This is where having a truck accident attorney on your side is helpful. When faced with a situation such as this, you not only want representation for your claim but also to understand what is happening and why. You may also have other questions about how your own insurance policy may apply to the accident, such as if you have no-fault benefits or underinsured motorist coverage.

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December 13, 2019