Winter Haven Car Accident US17 October 2019

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A car accident in Winter Haven on US17 at the intersection with Avenue C, SW was reported in The Ledger on October 16, 2019. The accident happened when a Honda Civic ran a red light and hit a county-owned vehicle. These vehicles spun after the collision and then struck another vehicle.

The driver of the Honda was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center with serious injuries while the injuries to other drivers were not considered life-threatening. The driver of the county-owned vehicle was sent to Winter Haven Hospital.


This accident appears to be completed caused by the failure of the Honda Civic to stop at the red light. What is unfortunate about an accident like this one is that there are substantial injuries (i.e. more than “minor”) but there is likely only a limited amount of liability insurance to go around among several injured people.

When this happens, the insurance company is likely to call a settlement conference and see if the parties can agree to divide up the policy limits. To do this, the parties involved should have already done their research on whether to accept this amount or whether they want to try to sue for more. In making this decision, the parties should look at their own insurance coverage, particularly whether they have uninsured motorist coverage. The driver of the county-owned vehicle may be covered by workers’ compensation in addition to automobile coverage.

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October 16, 2019